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Geo Coupon Commander crack

Geo Coupon Commander 1.5.21

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"Introducing Geo Coupon Commander - Everything you need to get offline clients paying monthly residuals, to show results at lightning speed, and to increase retention rates…!

Here’s what you get with this incredible software:

- Drag N Drop, widgetized Interface: create HTML5 Mobile Coupons, Squeeze Pages, and Landing Pages with EASE
- GEO Location Targeting: Advertise all over town with ONE LINK (They get the page they’re closest to!)
- Daypart Campaign Scheduling: Schedule Campaigns by Day, Date, Time (show deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Monday and Tues only)
- Split Testing: Test unlimited pages/coupons (Intuitive User Interface makes it easy)
- Incentivized Viral Sharing: (get 10% off or tell two buddies and get 50% off!)
- Powerful marketing tools: scarcity widget, deals remaining widget: (‘Only xx out of xxx left”, “offer ends mmddyy @ hh:mm:ss”)
- Dynamic Google Maps Integration: (one touch directions)
- Video Player: (mobile compatible videos are all the rage!)
- Redemption tracking/limiting: (upc coupons are doable too)
- Analytics Dashboard: (complete report customization)
- Google Web Font-Headline Maker: (no need for graphical headlines)
- FaceBook, Twitter, Aweber, Constant Contact, I Contact, Mailchimp and SMS integration and much more...!"

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