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Mass Video Generator crack

Mass Video Generator 4.1

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"A Single Video, Hosted on a Top Video Sharing Site (Like, can get lot of traffic from the video sharing site itself + it could also get top Google ranks for the Keyword used on the Video Description. See the power of this?

What if you find a software that automatically generates one unique video per keyword you want to target? It would be like playing the game with an unfair advantage. Well, this is what you get with Mass Video Generator...

MVG it's a software designed to automatically create UNIQUE videos in bulk (with unique music, text, images and effects) for all of your keywords (keywords can be dynamically passed to the content of each video so your videos look more relevant), even if you never created a single video before.

Compared with other traffic generation alternatives that are extremely time consuming (like article marketing, blogging, and so on) Mass Video Generator produces unique content (in the form of videos) to target different keywords, without wasting your time...!"

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