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Social Power Plugin crack

Social Power Plugin

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"Social Power Plugin Will Encourage Your Visitors To Tell Their Friends, Their Friend’s Friends (and even their Friends) About Your Blog, All On Complete AUTO-PILOT!

Social Power Plugin is easy to customize just how you want it! You can set a delay before the pop-up appears, you can have built in close buttons and you can even set a countdown timer to auto-close the pop-up after a set number of seconds.

Have you ever stopped to think why some websites grab way more than their fair share of traffic and social media attention? You know the sites I mean, the ones that everyone talks about, that get ‘liked’ on Facebook, shared on Google and tweeted about by thousands, (sometimes tens of thousands), of people? A lot of the time it can be a complete mystery why… Most of the sites aren’t particularly special, but they do have ‘something’ that takes them from being totally invisible to being the latest social media sensations! With the right tools, driving an avalanche of highly targeted, social traffic to your site is almost too easy...!"

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