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URL Shotgun crack

URL Shotgun

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"URL Shotgun is a great SEO and affiliate tool. You may wonder why does SEO show up here, right? Think about this, within seconds you can blast your links to 40 url shortner services, right? This way you just creates 40 backlink diversity, isnít it? 40 is not a lot of backlinks, but the shorten service sites do have good PR and trust. So these backlinks you create are high quality backlinks, and this will boost up your business site. It will will also help you split test your offers, and spin your links. You can also extract money from advertised link services like

Actually, cloak your link is an important task for internet marketing, but I also know that you have to fill out form for each of your link and these links wonít last long as the service drops. And I must say that, we have to do the boring cloaking thing again and again, right?

Imagine you could create a bunch of shortened links from up to 40 ore more link cloaking websites with several mouse clicks, and not even stop there, you can even monetize these links for better result. URL Shotgun is what you are looking for. Firstly, it is a software that can blast your URL to over 40 different link shortening service and create a list for you to copy or save as text file for later use, everything takes just minutes, even FASTER than they way you manually create ONE link. An unbelievable saving time way you could find...!"

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