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"Viral Pay Bot is a WordPress plugin that will turn heads. It is unique and will allow the product owner to make money with it!

Just how does this work? Viral Pay Bot is really a CONTENT LOCKER, however, not any old content locker… You see this amazing plugin will lock content in many various ways and one in particular is through a PAYMENT UNLOCK... a person with a content website can lock any kind of content they want on their website and one of the means of unlocking is perfect for the browser to “PAY” 20 cent or 1$ or 100$ to unlock the content which is shown within the page.

Some main features of Viral Pay Bot:

- Unlock content through tiny payments or big payments if that's your thing.
- Plugin can easily shade out paragraphs, or whole pages of content within a site.
- Each block of “shaded out” content has a screen box describing what the viewer will learn after they unlock the content.
- To unlock the content you will see SOCIAL buttons such as “Like, Tweet, G+” admin can set that buttons to show.
- Once the content is unlocked through PAYMENT, or LIKE it can be unlocked for per month, a week or forever whatever the admin sets.
- Once content is “Unlocked by Payment” they can be directed back to the unlock page or diverted to another page.
- Instead of a window showing what the user will learn when they “unlock” the content there is the option to put in a VIDEO that performs to entice the viewer to unlock the content.
- There are various unlocking THEMED BOXES.
- When the content is unlocked, there is a option for a POPUP TO SHOW UP which is another means to promote your affiliate offer to the viewer who just bought into your content...!"

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