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WP Central Hub crack

WP Central Hub 2.0

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"WP Central Hub Best Innovative Plugin to Manage functionality and appearance of Multi WordPress Site Dashboard only from one Central Hub Place!

WP Central Hub plugin is the only management plugin on the market that allows you to simultaneously control the functionality and appearance of all your WordPress sites from one Central Hub in No Time Flat. WP Central Hub is an dynamic management WordPress tool that allows control the functionality and look of all your WordPress sites from one place, easy-to-control, centralized location! If you are a online marketer, freelance web designer or site flipper and build similar WordPress installations time and time again, it is important to find a solution which has the ability to replicate the functionality and look easily, and in the quickest possible time.

WP Central Hub Features :

- Install/Update/Delete Plugins on all sites or selected sites
- Install/Update/Delete themes on all site or selected sites
- Add/Modify/Delete users on all or selected sites
- Add/Modify settings on all or selected sites
- Create post/page on all or selected sites...!"

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