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WP Sonic Defender crack

WP Sonic Defender

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"WP Sonic Defender - New WordPress Plugin Slaps Hackers Using Bots For Brute Force Attacks!

If you’ve been using WordPress for much longer than one hour then you already know that scrupulous hackers are relentlessly trying to break into every WordPress site around the world.

And it won’t take long before your site is targeted too.

Perhaps it already has been.

If so, then chances are that you’ve been hit with a brute force attack on your login page.

Hackers use ‘bots’ to attempt to guess your login/password.

Sure you can create a unique username and password that make it almost impossible for these bots to crack, but there is another problem that comes with these brute force attacks.

It puts a huge stress on your server!

These brute force attacks can stress your server to the point of it crashing… causing your site to go down...!"

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