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Web Keeper crack

Web Keeper 1.9

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"Web Keeper - Security & Optimization for your website!

Web Keeper plugin main features:

- Fully Responsive – Looks equally good on all screen sizes!
- Website Scan – Scan your website for junk files, shells and other potential threats. Automatically clean up junk files, remove shells and other threats, receive personalized suggestions on how to improve your website.
- Personalized Suggestions – After scanning your website, you will be given personalized suggestions on how to improve it.
- DDoS Protection – The most effective way to handle DDoS attacks, automatically forces Apache to block the attackers. All ddos attacks get logged and can easily be reviewed.
- Bot Protection – Seamless integration with 10+ spam bot databases, blocking spammers from accessing your website. All bot detections get logged and can easily be reviewed.
- Input Sanitization – All form data gets automatically sanitized
- Password Generator – Generate secure and completely random passwords
- Hash Generator – Hash data based on many different hashing algorithms
- Email Notifications – Receive an email every time a new ddos attack has been detected or a malicious bot has visited your website.
- Auto-Ban – Automatically ban ddos attack senders and malicious bots.
- Server Statistics Get detailed statistics about your web server in real-time such as cpu usage, memory usage, total count of files, folders, images, php extensions enabled and more…
- .Htaccess Editor – Edit your .htaccess file directly from the application, no need to open it in any external text editing programs.
- Website Backup – Backup you entire website with just one click!
- Database Backup – Backup you entire database with just one click!
- No Database Required – No external database is required (such as MySQL)...!"

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