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iThemes Plugin Suite crack

iThemes Plugin Suite

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Sells for: $499/year

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"iThemes Plugin Suite - You get unlimited licenses to all of the following plugins:

- BackupBuddy
Back up, restore and move WordPress sites. The most popular plugin.

- Exchange
Simple ecommerce for WordPress and all available add-ons.

- Loop Buddy
Create your own queries and and use them anywhere you want.

- Email Buddy
Collect email addresses and send newsletters from your WP dashboard.

- VidEmbed
Embed video sets from YouTube or Vimeo. Or your own from Amazon S3.

- DisplayBuddy
10 plugins for displaying content, photos, video and text on your site.

- iThemes Security Pro
Over 30+ ways to protect and secure your site.

- Mobile
Create themes for various mobile devices including iPhone and iPad.

- Tipsy
Create tooltip popups you can place anywhere using shortcodes.

- Tailored Login
Make changes and add widgets to your WordPress login screen...!"

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